The Secret life of dumplings

When I think of comfort food I think of something warm, filling, and easy to make. I was trying to think of my favorite and many things come to mind, Mac & Cheese, Soup, pasta and butter sauce. There’s one comfort food that cuts across many cultures, dumplings bitch! I love me some dumplings, from anywhere but for those of you who don’t know I’m about to school you!

Now if you’re like me and grew up with a southern family then you grew up with these:

Southern Chicken and dumplings

Chicken and dumplings is a staple southern comfort food. It’s creamy, it’s filling, and has a unique mild flavor that’s great for winter meal. Now I haven’t had this dish in years! Mostly because after grandmother passed there was no one that could make quite like she could. But this recipe is a great close second

Another variation on this recipe is with backbone (pork riblet) which is a little harder and tangy. I’ve made this recipe myself and it’s amazing!

Dumpling with backbone

Here’s the website for the recipe

We definitely cannot talk about dumpling with talking about asian dumplings. Whether steamed or fried, Chinese or Korean we’ve all had these and I can’t get enough them. They come with various filling from pork to shrimp or vegetables depending on which region of asian we’re talking about.

Asian Dumplings

This is my personal recipe for asian shrimp dumplings

Last be definitely not least is my personal favorite Trinidadian dumplings with Oxtail. Trinidadian dumplings are closer to what American’s call biscuits. They’re light, fluffy and delicious, along with the stewed Ox-tail it’s a meal that will fill you up and never let you down. It’s a little spicy but that never hurt nobody!

Trini dumpling w/ Oxtail

This recipe is a process but it’s well worth it!

I encourage everyone to try these various recipes and share your experience in the comments!

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