Oranges are in season so are lies and overstatements

Yesterday evening President Valencia made a primetime speech regarding “boarder security” and to my surprise it wasn’t packed full of alternative facts. But what it was, was extremely misleading and overflowing with red herrings.

The clementine and chief wasted no time in his ten minute address to divest into fear mongering about the large number of drugs and criminals coming across the southern boarder. He differed from his usually diatribe of blatant lies, to a sermon of half truths. Calling boarder security “a matter of the soul”. You can check it out below.

You can also check out CNN’S fact check of the speech so I don’t have to recount the whole ordeal.

**update** USA Today has posted a 88 point fact check on last night speech apparently he told more lies than I thought

One thing is clear, the orange is out for blood. This is the one campaign promise to his base that he can possibly fulfill before his term up next year. This monument to stupidity is within his grasp and he’s not letting go. I think everyone is underestimating a Gemini’s ability to double down until there’s nothing left to double down on.

Because if the tangerine tyrant actually cared about boarder security, the government shutdown which defunded the TSA and border patrol agencies would have never happend. This “wall” is nothing but rampart to white fears of becoming the racial minority in this country. DAS IT! If you think it’s about anything else you’re delusional and racist (sorry boo boo just come to terms with it). Because no ones talking about the northern boarder in all this. Do you know how many undocumented Canadians are here right now? How many people that are here from European countries that overstay their visas! Give me fucking break, they don’t get brought up cuz their the right color.

Ugh but I’m all hot and agitated, and suddenly craving orange juice.

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