Guide to the ultimate game night

There’s nothing like a good ole fashion game as a reason to get your loved ones together and have some fun! Sometimes the pressure of planning a house party can be overwhelming and thing can go left pretty easily. Here are few tips to getting your game night up, running, organized and fun!

The invitations

There are a fews ways to get the word about your party out. The simple and most straight forward way is a facebook invite. Facebook allows you to create and event, invite your friends, keep track of your guest list and share updates and info about your events to your attendees in real time. Here’s a short video of how to create an invite on facebook if you’ve never done it before.

Now if everyone you’d like to invite isn’t on facebook another thing you can do is send a text invitation via sms. Personally like to make a little graphic to go long with the text I’m sending out to give it that special touch. It’s very easy to do using and app like PicCollage or Picstich. And you can do something simple like this:

When preparing your guest list here are a few things to keep in mind. The size of your space, how much setting you have, will you need to buy more chairs?

A principle in marketing is 10% of your outreach will show up at your event. So if you invite 30 people on average only 10 will rsvp/show up. In catering a stick to the rule of +5. Meaning that invite 30, expect 10, prepare food for 15. So if you want a guaranteed 10 people at your game that means you should invite AT LEAST 30 people!

The Games

You know you friends best so you probably know what they would enjoy playing. But it’s always a good idea to have some opinions. I even go as far as posting a game schedule so different things happen through the course of the night.

  • Game night Agenda
  • 1. Snack / Mingle 7pm-8:15
  • 2. One round of cards for humanity 8:15-8:40
  • 3. Video game/ card break out 8:40 -???
  • 4. Group game of trivia

Don’t be anal about the schedule let the night flow organically the agenda is just there to keep the night moving along.

Last but not least is the food. Party food should be simple to prepare and comprised mostly of food you can eat with one hand in my opinion. One thing you must not do is EXPERIMENT ON YOUR GUEST!!! DON’T serve anything you’ve made for the first time ever to your party goers. Frankly because it’s rude because so many things can go awry on a first time dish. Instead make thing that you’ve made at least 3-5 times before and have had a few people taste. If you used facebook to create you invitation send a message to your guest and ask about food allergies or special diets. You also post a poll to help figure out menu options.

I’m gonna go another post with some great game night recipes late today, makes sure to follow and subscribe so you can get those notifications

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