3 plastic free disposable utensil brands

Recycling in the the united states has been on the decline on an industrial level for a few years now. Mainly because countries like China and Indonesia aren’t buying our recyclable materials like they used to. So it falls on us the consumer to reduce our plastic consumption and maybe the corporations will reduce the amount they produce.

World Centric

World Centric was founded in 2004 to raise awareness of large-scale humanitarian and environmental issues and how our pursuit of a good life was severely degrading the planet’s ecosystems and at the same time creating vast inequalities where 2.5 billion people live on less than $2/day, without access to basic necessities such as adequate food, water, healthcare, education, housing, sanitation etc. We started by hosting award-winning documentaries and speakers on environmental, social, human rights and peace issues, offered courses on sustainability, simple living, and globalization and started to work on a Conscious Living guide. World Centric is based in California and sells a vary of products at super markets all around the country. Such as knifes, spoons, plates, and coffee cups. You can check their website https://www.worldcentric.com/ their products are also available on amazon and target.


Repurpose is another California based brand of plastic free picnicware. Repurpose is the newest kid on the block and although it is not as readily available in stores as some other brands I find their general price point to be lower and their quality to be higher. The plates and cups are great for parties or events. AND THEY MAKE STRAWS!!! So if you have kids or love straws but worried about the environmental, worry no more. http://www.repurposecompostables.com/shop

Vaneerware by Bambu

Vaneerware is a line of disposable flatware made from, you guessed it! Bambo, the company is based in Oregon but sustainably made in China. The products are 100% biodegradable and reusable to an extent. They’re very high quality and perfect for everyday home use or professional events and catering. If you like fancy plates these are the fanciest! Bulk orders are available on their website. They even have sample boxes starting at $15 USD. I will definitely be ordering some for my next party. https://www.bambuhome.com/collections/compostable-dinnerware

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