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OP- The Unraveling of America

I think I’ve tried to write this piece about ten or fifteen times in the past two weeks. There are many layers and nuances to the conversation, thousands of variables and millions of lives in the balance. Each time I’ve sat down to write it’s just become a clusterfuck of thoughts and emotions. Finally this morning I just though to myself “fuck it!” . It needs to be said and whether I’m right or wrong, I want at the very least to be honest. The United States is falling apart.

Firstly this is not piece where I intent to blame all the countries woes and short comings on the election of Donald Trump to the presidency. If we are to have this conversation in earnest we can not look at the United States a-historically. That is to say, like every story America has a beginning, middle and ultimately an ending. I’d like to focus on the beginning for moment, because that is what makes America so different than the eastern part of the world and the histories therein.

So in the 1400’s Christopher Columbus and a rag tag band of European convicts and hustlers, where shipped off by the king and queen of Spain to find a new route to Indian by sea. This of course was death mission in disguise. Columbus was a known con-man all over Europe and had pretty much become a public nuisance. In my mind Ferdinand and Isabella were like fuck it! Let’s get him and these other derelicts out of our hair. At if actually finds a new route great, if he dies even better. Anyway somehow these fools end up in the eastern hemisphere and it’s the beginning of the end for everyone who isn’t white. There began a centuries long apologue of bloody genocide, slavery, war, and over consumption of recourses.

The foundations of America are important and relevant to its current state for many reasons. Chiefly that it has always been a nation that proclaimed “All men are created equal and free.” But the stark contradiction of America’s reality is, that the only men who were equal and free FOR CENTURIES!!!!!!! Where white men. And you can except to build a lasting sovereign nation of slavery and lies. Let’s be real America had two centuries of chattel slavery, followed by Jim crow laws, segregation, and the disproportionate mass incarceration of peoples of African decent. All of which took place without a national point of healing or momentary reparations. That was bad nation building strike 1. Strike 2, the United States had never prioritized women or children. In health care, education or pay for work. Strike 3, we haven’t stopped warring since WWII. American ended it’s long period of isolationism by entering into WWII and since then we’ve always been engaged in some type of conflict aboard. which lives little money and resources for infrastructure and social investment. I say all this to say, when a foundation is shitty (at best) what’s built upon it will never actually be stable.

In the present American has basically become oligarchy, corporations are people; who matter more than people who aren’t corporations. The corporate capitalist machine and it’s interest control America. The middle class has basically become walking piggy banks for bail outs when the real citizen can’t pay their bills. As we speak Michael Cohen is singing like the Harlem Boys choirs to congress about how horrible of person is sitting in the oval office. But I digress, Donald Trump is a symptom of American’s sickness not the disease. Although I have a theory that the Russians gave him the money to bribe the electoral college, win the election and destabilize the country. But that’s just a shot in the dark.

In order for America not to unravel I feel it must atone for its past sin and heal to move forward but American hasn’t even been to church.

Oranges are in season so are lies and overstatements

Yesterday evening President Valencia made a primetime speech regarding “boarder security” and to my surprise it wasn’t packed full of alternative facts. But what it was, was extremely misleading and overflowing with red herrings.

The clementine and chief wasted no time in his ten minute address to divest into fear mongering about the large number of drugs and criminals coming across the southern boarder. He differed from his usually diatribe of blatant lies, to a sermon of half truths. Calling boarder security “a matter of the soul”. You can check it out below.

You can also check out CNN’S fact check of the speech so I don’t have to recount the whole ordeal.

**update** USA Today has posted a 88 point fact check on last night speech apparently he told more lies than I thought

One thing is clear, the orange is out for blood. This is the one campaign promise to his base that he can possibly fulfill before his term up next year. This monument to stupidity is within his grasp and he’s not letting go. I think everyone is underestimating a Gemini’s ability to double down until there’s nothing left to double down on.

Because if the tangerine tyrant actually cared about boarder security, the government shutdown which defunded the TSA and border patrol agencies would have never happend. This “wall” is nothing but rampart to white fears of becoming the racial minority in this country. DAS IT! If you think it’s about anything else you’re delusional and racist (sorry boo boo just come to terms with it). Because no ones talking about the northern boarder in all this. Do you know how many undocumented Canadians are here right now? How many people that are here from European countries that overstay their visas! Give me fucking break, they don’t get brought up cuz their the right color.

Ugh but I’m all hot and agitated, and suddenly craving orange juice.